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Matt Miszewski on Sales, Marketing, Technology and Leadership

I have a few blogs but this one is focused on the leadership roles I have held over the years and opinions about the craft. Or crafts. Mainly I will focus on what Matthew Miszewski believes about the leading edge of Sales and Marketing and how it can be improved.

There will be occasions that I refer to FixingPotholes, my blog on Open Government, Open Data, Open Source, Open Leadership and Open Standards. I may also connect to ConnectedBricks which highlights Matt Miszewski's views on corporate and community leadership specifically. You can certainly reach out to me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

I believe in the power of technology to unleash the promise of our strategic thoughts. I believe the more free the foundations, the data, the better off the enterprise will be regardless of type. Powerful private enterprises have unleashed great power through open platforms and APIs. Governments have unleashed the power of their citizens and local software economies by opening up their data sets. New ideas like IoT and IIoT, will benefit from open platforms upon which citizen developers can develop. The liberty of data will form the foundational layer of new societies.

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