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Ready for a Change Agent?


Matt Miszewski has made a career of positive and strategic change for organizations large and small.  Whether it was his own startup tipping at the Napster behemoth, the State of Wisconsin rebuilding enterprise citizen centered IT, Microsoft embracing the cloud, Salesforce building a brave new world, Digital Realty recreating the datacenter industry, or Socrata creating a brand new product category, Matt Miszewski has embraced and mastered enterprise wide change.

Matt Miszewski | Matthew Miszewski |

Matt Miszewski


CRO, CIO, GM and SVP of Global Sales & Marketing


+1 425 753 0165



83 Whispering Creek Lane

Danville, CA . 94526

Chief Revenue Officer


Created new product category in the Public Sector, significantly increasing ADS while increasing forecast accuracy. Successfully landed this new GTM and positioned company for strategic options. Prepared the startup for a successful exit at a great multiple to Tyler Technologies in 2018.  [Matt Miszewski Socrata]

Independent Director


Served on the Board of Directors for SimplifIDe, Inc. Proud to advise the aggressive startup on Go To Market, Business Development, Sales Leadership, Capital Distribution, Product Development, Product/Market Fit, Market Development and more. [Matt Miszewski SimplifIDe]

SVP, Global Sales and Marketing


Re-established market dominance through careful reconstruction of the company’s brand identity and go-to-market approach, taking from a low of $44/sh to over $110/sh. Retained investment oriented financial discipline but added customer & product orientation plus NPS focus. Executed a purposeful & fundamental shift in messaging, UVP and operations. The efforts focused on a reconstruction of shareholder transparency and a focus on strategic alignment. [Matt Miszewski Digital Realty]

SVP, Enterprise Sales and Public Sector


Helped to establish Global & Strategic Account Program in preparation for new Enterprise Business Unit. Focused on top 25 enterprise accounts and organized program around new licensing model for the company (Social Enterprise Licensing Agreements). Enabled field sales teams to reorient selling process to focus on customers like Nike, Starbucks,, Hitachi, Deloitte, Toyota and Coca-Cola.  Reformed new Global Public Sector Business Unit to focus on industry relevant Solution Selling and elevated positioning of new licensing model for the government sector. Recruited and trained into a new channel program with a focus on midmarket systems integrators, global management consultants, value added resellers and Independent Software Vendors (ISV) to serve the new public sector market in Social Software as a Service (SaaS) offerings. [Matt Miszewski Salesforce]

GM, Global Government Industry


Matt Miszewski established worldwide strategy for the Government Industry leading 13 areas (Greater China (PRC, Taiwan & Hong Kong), Asia Pacific, Western Europe, Central and Eastern Europe & the Middle East and Africa) and key single country teams (UK, Germany, France, India, Brazil & Russia) to be able to exceed their quotas of $4.2B USD in FY10. The strategy encompassed sales and marketing GTM including customer segmentation, sales process, pipeline management, pricing strategies, CoS management, licensing mechanisms, partner management, analyst and press relations and political elite management. Held accountable for revenue attainment, OPEX budget containment, cost of sales, forecast accuracy, scorecard management and competitive wins (market share).

Led Government Industry marketing & corporate communications on industry direction by driving business planning cycles. Organized Industry engagement with Worldwide Partner Conference and Microsoft Global Exchange and our Industry Solution Universities (held in all 13 areas) Managed our COO business reviews and our corporate priority sharing event PRISM. Authored our Government Worldwide Sales & Marketing Memorandum (WWSMM) which is our annual statement of industry strategy to the field. [Matt Miszewski Microsoft]

Chief Information Officer, Secretary


As Chief Information Officer, re-engineered centralized IT function in the State. Initial turnaround established shared services vision, tight financial discipline including overhead reduction and recruiting a high-performance team of executives from the public & private sectors. Managed portfolio of enterprise IT spend over $700 Million annually. Tight financial controls & operational excellence allowed for internal chargeback rate reductions in every year of employment. Renegotiated individual vendor contracts on an enterprise basis, resulting in savings of hundreds of millions of dollars. Through new governance boards and direct executive interaction, created culture of constant strategic business alignment of IT function. Exceeded goal of 15% cost reduction of enterprise IT. Savings driven by consolidating server infrastructure, security, network and email in the central IT body. Renegotiated top contracts with enterprise impact (including Microsoft Enterprise Agreement, Statewide WAN with SBC, Medicaid System with EDS, Enterprise Desktop with IBM and 8 other IT commodities).

Drove adoption of operational standards including adoption of ITIL/ITSM best practices, development of the State’s first Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), enterprise security standards, continuation of operations and disaster recovery plan and drove strategic sourcing initiative for IT commodities.

Project portfolio was aligned with strategic goals of Governor. Investments were designed to help long range with the sustainability of state government. Statewide ERP project is expected to save the state over $500 Million over ten years. Shared services and strategic sourcing will generate over $200 Million including a reduction in the cost of email alone over $5 Million, a reduction in servers from 220 email servers to 19 and an operational cost savings from what was up to $15 per mailbox per month to $3 per mailbox per month. [Matt Miszewski Wisconsin]


Juris Doctorate

Corporate and Labor Law



Bachelor's Degree

International Affairs & Political Science



Matt has a very high intellect combined with a broader set of experience(sales,marketing,legal, product,I.T.) than virtually anyone. He does a terrific job of combining these skills and experiences to help clients while ensuring our firm is meeting our goals. Matt is destined for bigger things, his drive and passion and these talents ensure it. Its nice to work with someone whose love of career makes it difficult to discern if he is working or playing, its infectious!

- Brian Doricko, Chief Revenue Officer Dupont Fabros

It was great to work with Matt while he was at salesforce. He was always willing to jump in, focus on what needed to be done to get the outcomes for our customers/partners/employees, and motivate the team to always improve on what we were doing.

- Tony Owens, EVP Salesforce

Every SVP of Sales demands success. That's a given but it's not what makes a great leader. A great leader understands what that he needs to do more than just deliver a quota. Matt has pushed from day 1 to make sure our team has the support we need from a product, pricing, and operations perspective. He's designed the sales force in such a way that we all know how to play our part in making a positive impact to the company. As sales professionals, we demand results from our leaders too and Matt delivers. If he doesn't for some reason then he owns it. One of the best characteristics of Matt's leadership style is that he welcomes input from his team regardless of role or title. When you have an opportunity to add value personally, even with a company as large as Digital, it's truly meaningful. After working under Matt's leadership I would go into battle with him any where any place.

- Bill Bentley, Sales Director, Digital

Matt was a fantastic resource and contributor to our team as we explored ways to engaging with our Enterprise customers at a new and higher level. He brought a wealth of experience, insight and well thought out action plans on how to really impact our GTM model. I truly enjoyed working with Matt and would welcome the opportuntity at any point in the future!

- Dru Shiner, Chief Sales Officer C2FO

It is a very rare opportunity to work closely with someone who had a significant role in creating over four billion dollars in shareholder value in a short period of 10 quarters. Matt is an exceptional sales leader who injected a sense of purpose into the sales team resulting in raising the level of performance of the sales team to new heights. Under Matt's leadership the sales team produced quarter after quarter of exceptional results. Matt is one of those rare leaders who can see the forest and the trees at the same time. 
Matt brought out the best in his team, truly believed in the power of diversity and created a challenging, productive and fun environment.

- Chethan Prabhu, Head of Global Sales Operations Mesosphere

Matt Miszewski 2016 version.  Contact info below for real time updates.
Some of them attached.  Check LinkedIn for updates.
Textbook Chapter written about Matt's leadership as CIO.

Matt is an amazing industry leader who has developed innovative strategies for improving government agencies in emerging, developing, and developed economies. He pioneered eGovernment programs aligning business strategy, marketing, sales, and services to drive market penetration and significant revenue growth annually. He built one world view of the Citizen Service Platform connecting local, national, and multi geo based government services in a cloud environment for people around the globe - a FIRST for the industry. Matt is an evangelist and visionary leader who champions the cause for people of all demographics and socio economic status to have access to the right services, however they want it, when they need it most. I would love the opportunity to work with Matt again. He changes the world we live in for the better!
- Kim Smith, Chief Digital Officer CapGemini

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